Happy Customers
Happy Customers

Give your best in every online interaction

Airim knows that your customers need answers fast.

So it auto-detects your users' context and surfaces the most relevant FAQs based on their intent, behavior, source, device and much more.

Just connect your knowledge base or helpdesk software to start.

Airim widget example

Target FAQs by user context

Show the most relevant FAQs based on current page, user location, device, ad campaigns, signed in state and so much more.

No more wasting your users waste time by making them scroll articles they don't need to read.

Simple yet smart navigation

Make it simple for users to go to the right page based on their intent, by including a strong Call-To-Action (CTA) to your content.

No more wandering through menus, submenus, headers or footers just to find one link.

All support resources in one place

Open a live chat, show a contact form or open another application after users have interacted with Airim widget.

Airim blends smoothly with 20+ helpdesk tools including Zendesk, TawkTo, Intercom and Freshdesk.

Learn what users want, in each context

Get trending keywords your users are searching for, detailed content engagement analysis and actionable suggestions to improve your docs based on customer feedback.

Drill data down by several pre-defined or custom variables, all in real time.

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Works out of the box with your knowledge base or FAQs page

900+ API Integrations

Airim imports your articles from most of the popular knowledge base tools, including Zendesk, Intercom and Freshdesk, in one click.

Easily move customer information around your CRM, helpdesk or analytics tools using one-click APIs, webhooks or Zapier, without worrying about privacy breach.
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Customer-Centric companies love Airim

Reginald Williams

Dallas Independent School District

Airim has a modern and clean look. It fits aesthetically with our website.

It is a great tool for educational institutes that want to provide quick information to their online visitors.

Ravi Goel

Product Manager, Zoomcar

Airim has helped us understand our leads better. It gives us insights into the questions leads have, and content that they are looking for, which in turn helps us re-define our communication strategy from time-to-time.

Aniket Thakkar

VP Marketing, Coverfox Insurance

Airim is an integral part of our content marketing strategy.

We are getting a lot more insight on what our customers are looking for, how they interact with our content, and is also serving as a dependable source of generating new leads. All of that at start-up friendly pricing :)


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