How airim helps your customers
Dynamic FAQs

Users do not want to read your entire knowledge base to find just one piece of information.
Airim smartly arranges your FAQs on every URL, personalized for each customer by analyzing clicks, CTR and profile information.

Smarter Search

Customers express their problems in different keywords.
Airim auto generates synonyms to remove communination barriers between you and your customers.

Optimized for Mobile

Mobile web traffic is ever growing. With less screen real estate, detailed information is hard to convey.
Airim helps users navigate your mobile website easily with strong Call to Action after every FAQ.

Superior Targeting

New users ask questions different from your loyal customers.
Use Airim to show curated FAQs based on page, product, location, ad campaign, search keywords or stage of user journey.

Know what works with your customers

Airim gives you insights into user behaviour. It analyzes the search queries to suggest missing topics in your knowledge base and top concerns of your customer.

Fits seamlessly into your existing stack

Connect your favorite tools

Airim integrates seamlessly with your custom software as well as most popular Knowledge Bases, CRM, Support and Lead Management software using Zapier and REST APIs.
Airim is built to manage modern customer's
high expectations and reduce burden on your team
so that you can focus on what matters the most.


Integrate live chat with Airim to scale up your marketing effort. Never leave a customer in a state of confusion
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In app help

Offer your customers help when they need it the most
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Engage your support team with relevant and challenging cases.
Let Airim handle the rest.
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