About Airim

Airim was founded in 2017 by ex-data scientists from BITS Pilani who wanted to use machine learning to make customer communication more efficient.

Sujoy has previously handled Sales Strategy at Practo, where he used machine learning to improve sales and customer retention. Samvit has handled data at large scale in Walmart Labs, where he was a full stack developer with competitive pricing team.

Over the past two years, Airim has gone on to be used by over 300 brands globally to increase self service on their websites using automated personalization. It's machine learning algorithms learn from more than a million events a day, to come up with hyper personalized content for end users navigating a website or a web app.

The Airim Team

Akash Potdar

Frontend Engineer

Mayank Singh

Backend Engineer

Nitin Khandelwal

Data Science

Samvit Majumdar

Co founder & CTO

Sujoy Chaudhary

Co founder & CEO

Tushar Tyagi